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Long Letter

The Long Letter

Yesterday's day was a day for planning,
Tomorrow's day will be a day for remembering,
Today is a day to look straight ahead,
While Tomorrow is still remembering Yesterday.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be in Yesterday? To know
that you are past and long since forgotten? Can you imagine just
once living in a forgotten land, Going to a lost book and reading the
lost words of a forgotten people? Can you imagine yourself skipping
down a street that no longer exists or a field that long since had given
of its crop? What would it be like to see those empty classrooms and
realize that you are not alone, because of the numerous forgotten
children still waiting for their parents to come take them home? Could
you take them to the present to where their parents have been
searching or are they stuck in Tomorrow where their hopes and
dreams lie?

How would it be like living in Tomorrow; knowing that all your
thoughts live in the future? You couldn't make plans because the
present is past and the future is not laid. You wouldn't be able to
have fun because time would not allow it. Could you ask for
assistance from those in the past? Or could Tomorrow's future look
back and help give you hope. For isn't future's future even more
helpless than Yesterday? What does it have to look forward to but
waiting for it's moment in Today only to be forgotten Tomorrow and
sent to Yesterday?

The choice is clear. Live for Today because Tomorrow is not set
and Yesterday cannot be changed. To say that you will wait will only
make Yesterday's day useless and Tomorrow's hope faint. But to
capture Today and make it count leaves Yesterday fulfilled and
Tomorrow assured of a bright future. Giving yourself hope means
Giving yourself Life.

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father
but by me." John14:6

"The Long Letter" by: Chris Losh