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Babe's Death


Imagine a baby 2000 years ago,
Then imagine his parents who cared for him so,
Imagine his beauty and in a manger he lies,
Then imagine the future, a future in which he dies.

A perfect little baby, a precious little boy,
Two loving parents with a small bundle of joy,
Shephards are watching, one of them cries,
Did anyone know that soon--he dies?

Mary and Joseph, the parents of him,
Jesus of Nazareth, worshipped by Seraphim,
King of Kings, and Lord on High,
Did he himself know oneday he'd die?

Imagine a little boy destined for jail,
Imagine his tiny hands pierced through with a nail,
Imagine the thorns bringing tears to his eyes,
Then imagine the cross, his tiny body dies.

His body was crushed, everywhere he bled,
King of the Jews was marked over his head,
As a tiny little baby in a manger he cried,
And as a full grown man on a cross--he died.

His mother wept both then and now,
With tears of joy but different somehow,
The time of the manger had long since gone by,
Yet, somehow she knew her son would soon die.

Tears overflowed the eyes of his men,
They had never known the babe of back then,
Yet, they watched him on the cross as he suffered and sighed,
Then they watched him on the cross as little babe died.

2000 years ago a babe was born,
And 2000 years ago his body was torn,
His life was a sacrifice for all those who would cry,
For a babe in a manger living only to die.

"Babe's Death" by: Chris Losh