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Callac was a small baby when his mother died. His father tried very hard to raise the boy on his own but after a few months of trying to juggle his farming with his baby sitting he was no longer able to handle the pressure. So at the age of one Callac was given to the local monastery.  The farmer went to his home, not even telling the monks who the kid was, who his parents were, or what had happened to them. Callac grew up thinking he had no family. At the age of 13, Callac went into the village looking for vegetables for the priests. He had been raised under the Roman Catholic faith as an apprentice.  On occasion the servants allowed him to come with them to the village but this time Callac was allowed to go on his own. He had grown to be a strong youth, slim in features but taller than most kids his age and faster than most men twice his age. While he was in the village he noticed many people staring at him. But one man in particular went out of his way to follow young Callac.  Then suddenly Callac noticed the man following him. He turned down a street that wasn't used very often. He didn't know his way around the village very well, and he had never been on this street. The man turned the corner and started to speed up. Callac was very scared. He started to run towards the nearest lantern. It was in front of a store. Callac rushed to the door with his hands out to push it open. The stranger was almost there. The store door opened and Callac got inside. The store owner let him slip out the back. Callac was safe this time, but this wasn't the only encounter he would have with the stranger.

Callac: A Story by

Chris & Lindsey p.1