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A day later he was tending the fields within the walls of the monastery. The monks had been giving him more chores as of late; probably because he dropped half his groceries running away from the strange man. That never pleases a monk. He had just passed the tomatoes when he looked up to see the exact strange man he had seen last night talking to the head administrator. The man was wearing drabby old rags that looked as dirty as the latrine. His hair was matted against his neck with a beard that was longer on the edges than the middle. He also carried a plain tweed bag over his shoulder. Not that Callac noticed. As soon as he saw the man he hid, even though tomatoes aren't easy to hide behind. Of course, Callac was immediately seen by the man.  Knowing he had been found, Callac took off running. He ran out of the garden towards the entrance of the monastery.  Callac slipped through the gate and headed towards the village. The man followed. Once in the village, he didn't know what to do. Should he run to the magistrates? They would just laugh at him and push him back towards the monastery. Should he hide in a tavern? What would a monk apprentice be doing in a tavern? He would be whipped for sure! Callac stood there pondering his fate when a man shoved him from behind. He fell into a doorway, hitting his head on the hard ground. Everything went black....When he awoke he found himself in a room like none other he had ever seen.  All around him were instruments and gadgets that meant nothing to his pastoral taught brain.  He had been taught the Bible, not science; taught farming, not chemistry; taught herbs, not surgery.  Where he was stood a mystery that soon would be revealed...

Callac: A Story by

Chris & Lindsey p